betonica's Journal

I'm an EMT and firefighter, and greatly enjoy working with the local volunteer fire company. The people there are really terrific, and it's rare that I meet a firefighter I don't like. We don't get a lot of calls, because my town has a population under 1000, which means I can consider myself on call 24/7 without unduly stressing myself out. I have somehow managed to get myself on seven committees or boards having to do with fire, rescue, and/or emergency management. Fortunately, most of them meet only once a month or so for a few hours. Never say I don't keep piling things on my plate, but at least it's all stuff that I really like to do.

I like people, and usually have one or two tenants sharing my house, mostly for the company (the rent doesn't hurt for those tax bills in October, either). People have a tendency to drop by at random moments, and stay for a few minutes or an hour or a week. They often cook, and sometimes even do the dishes. The relaxed atmosphere in the evenings is terrific.

I live in the back of nowhere (but not, as google-earth apparently will tell you, anywhere near Chicago) on 11 acres of land, three of which is a wildflower meadow, and the rest trees. Vermont is heaven on earth.

I also have a degree in Pharmacognosy (what?) and teach life sciences lab courses at the local college, which is a blast.

I've had many other interests in my life, some of which surface occasionally and others that lie dormant. Knitting, playing guitar (bluegrass and other stuff), banjo, cello, singing, cooking, baking, sewing, chopping wood, cutting down trees (but only if absolutely necessary), being self-sufficient, gardening just often enough to not really have a garden... the list goes on.