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20 March 2008 @ 02:14 pm
Content Strike, Tomorrow (Friday 3/21)  
I won't be posting tomorrow (not that I post much, of course), midnight to midnight GMT (hm. gonna hafta look that up).
And I won't be reading, either (I generally read several times a day, just to keep up with all you cool peoples).

Go here to check out why:
beckyzoole explains

In a nutshell, I *hate* advertising being blasted in my face (I've got a paid account, so this issue doesn't actually affect me directly), and I want people to be able to participate in LJ without having it blasted in their face - I don't want to lose their comments.  I also really object to content being censored.  I suspect LJ is already covered by laws that protect internet providers etc. from the libelous content posted by their users (Telecommunications Act of 1996, I think); why block our freedom of speech by further censorship?

See y'all on Saturday.

Now to knit, or cook and eat, or go for a walk.... chocolate is calling my name, the wood stove needs stoking, and the chickens and ducks are yammering for attention.