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25 July 2007 @ 06:16 pm
One down....  
That editing mess I posted about recently - I managed to get one (of eight) done. 

It's not like it was hard, although it did take me 80 minutes, on top of what I'd done two weeks ago.  (I should never stop in the middle; I pretty much have to re-cover the entire ground when I pick up again). 

So I think I'll print another one out before running off to the firefighter drill we have tonight, and maybe I'll get that second one done soon.  stevendj suggests that part of the reason I hate these so much is that I've put them off (rather than putting them off because I hate them), so, with that idea, actually doing them might make it all go much better.  lorres suggests that they remind me too much of that many-years-long adventure that was my dissertation (blerg), and I think she may be right.  I've got no solution to that one, but at least recognizing it might help, somehow.

Anyway, one down!  It needed almost no changes, which in a way made it seem more difficult: I have to read through with a fine-toothed comb anyway, and it just doesn't feel like I've accomplished much if I've only changed two or three words.  Ah well. 

So I'm off to a fine, if belated, start, and wondering how well I'll keep it up.

Do any of you get started on a difficult project just fine, only to have the good intentions not get you anywhere? (That's what I'm afraid of.)  Got any strategies that makes things work?
Charcharlottezweb on July 26th, 2007 03:05 am (UTC)
I've got three attitudes toward that kind of situation when it's me:
1. Get up early in the morning and just barrel through, not stopping for much of anything. Then go do something really fun.

2. Take a whole day or two or whatever. Spend 30 min on the thing you hate, or finish X # of pages, followed by a 15 min break reading/playing/etc, repeat.

3. Schedule it out over a period of time. On Mon, I'm reading chapters 1-5, Tues I'm writing 5 pages, etc. Then I don't feel overwhelmed and I'm not facing a mountain of stuff I hate all at once.

For me, once I get into whatever it is, I find that the momentum carries me pretty well through. It's getting started that's the worst.
lorreslorres on July 26th, 2007 12:54 pm (UTC)
For me it all boils down to will power.

I also use a combination of charlottezweb's 1 and 2. When I've started and then lost momentum I just use my will power to sit down and get started. Also, there's nothing like visualizing the feeling I'll have when it's done and I can stop the guilt cycle.

If it's all just too much there's also the skill of just giving up and doing something else and chalking it up to "lesson learned: don't ever try to commit to doing that sort of job again.". There's an art to cutting one's losses in that regard and the renege finesse.
Selkiselki on July 26th, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
Do any of you get started on a difficult project just fine, only to have the good intentions not get you anywhere? (That's what I'm afraid of.)


Got any strategies that makes things work?

Fear and panic, but I don't really recommend them. Most helpful is creative procrastination (find something that I don't want to do even worse, and do the first thing instead), and breaking tasks into chunks.