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11 November 2008 @ 06:29 pm
High Society.  
I'm pretty interested in our new President-Elect, and all of the possible things that might come about while he's in office.  There's a great deal of potential, there.  Also, I got kinda hooked on reloading pages for updates last Tuesday.  So I have some links and stuff that I still check on a regular basis.  But I guess things don't move all that fast, or we're just being fed (nicely frosted) crumbs.  

President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush warmly welcomed President-elect Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to the White House yesterday for a visit that lasted several hours.

In a private meeting in the Oval Office, President-elect Obama thanked President Bush for his commitment to a smooth transition in light of the nation's many critical economic and security challenges.

The First Lady led Mrs. Obama on a tour of the historic home -- with a focus on the private residence -- before meeting in the West Sitting Hall, where they discussed raising daughters in the White House.

Seems more like the society column than a news item.
At least we've been spared a detailed description of what everyone was wearing.
piranha @ dreamwidthpir_anha on November 14th, 2008 12:33 am (UTC)
Re: High Society.
oh, there _are_ lots of "news" items that go into what at least michelle obama is wearing. i tend to avoid sources that specialize in that sort of stuff, but the huffpo has a "style" section which gets included in their front page, so i do see some of it. *rolls eyes*.

though maybe that sort of stuff is better than all the stupid political rumours because there is no real news. or more palin, *ugh*.