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30 June 2007 @ 11:10 pm
Gonna steal some lj ammo from two fellow writers.  They'll just have to tell their own version in self-defense.

This morning I woke up at 4:15, a not atypical time.  (Sometimes it's 2 or 3; sometimes not until 6; on rare occasions not until late.)  I got up to use the john, and then went back to bed.  As I was lying there wondering whether to turn on the light and read a book (Ngaio Marsh; I've run out of trashy romances for the moment), the phone rang. 

Odd.  Who would call at this time?   Must be a wrong number. 

I stayed in bed, but both my tenants/housemates got up for it.  The upstairs tenant (hm. add lj names? leave out? dunno) thundered down the stairs, but then tramped back up because the downstairs tenant (lj names.... lj names.. gotta work on this concept) had already picked it up.  I couldn't quite hear the conversation from my bed, but her voice sounded perfectly calm.

Maybe she'd been expecting a call from a friend at 4:30 am?  Seemed unlikely, but you never know.  I still couldn't hear what the conversation was about.  So I put in my contacts and wandered down the stairs.  Hm.  Ok, have now determined that downstairs tenant is perfectly calm in a crisis.  Good to know.  The crisis, however, does not appear to be resolving itself.

DST and I got dressed, and I searched out the hiding place of my derringer and ammo (many of you thought that derringer was as mythical as BIBFH, dincha?) and went over to J's house (here we can insert yet another question about an lj author link).  J and her kitten were entertaining (for very broad interpretations of "entertaining") an uninvited guest.  Said guest had helped himself to a loaf of bread, among other things.  We banished the kitten to the balcony.  We wandered around with brooms and swiffers and the derringer, looking for a possibly rabid coon.  Ok, so the derringer isn't the most likely of useful deterrents, due in part to the fact that it's difficult to hit the broad side of a barn with it if more than 15 feet away.  But I figured, five feet, a coon?  Maybe.

Fortunately for the coon (who was, I strongly suspect, not rabid), the ethics of J, and my karma, the derringer was never fired.  After poking corners with brooms and stuff, and after standing still for breathless moments waiting to hear a possible rustle in some corner, one of them said she thought he was gone.  Hm.  Really?

J had been wondering all along how he'd gotten in, and at this point, she suggested that maybe he'd unlocked the cat door. 

There's a cat door??  Aha!  Being directed to said spot, I tapped it with a toe: free swinging.  Yep.  Observant rescue worker that I am, I failed to notice the very large quantity of bread crumbs littered in front of the door, and had to have it pointed out to me.  This was a slight hint that our uninvited guest had dragged his purloined loaf through the building and (mostly) out the cat door.  Finding the end of the loaf on the ground outside, I finally decided it was ok to stop playing detective from a bad 40s film noir, and took the ammo out of the derringer.  Also nailed a big honkin' board over the cat door.

Got home in time to lie around in bed again, wondering if I should just get up. 

Just like any other morning out here in the Back of Nowhere.

How was your morning?
velochicdunordvelochicdunord on July 1st, 2007 04:41 pm (UTC)
Slept late this morning. Hey, it's the country's official birthday and I'm celebrating!

Came home from the new day job last night to find The Roommate Muscician and his best buddy moving furniture in an effort to install anti-vibration and noise transmission matting. They mentioned that dinner was in the offing once the job was done and would I care to join them? I said that I would. At several points, they suggested stopping for dinner. I pointed out that it would be best for downstairs neighbourly relations if they finishe the furniture moving before 10 pm and to please proceed until the task was done.

They did. In the mean time, I prepared a greek salad and sat down to read the Saturday Globe and Mail. That in itself, given my life of the past year, was a luxury worth indulging. So was being off my feet. Even with sensible footwear, they are taking a while to being in constant use again.

The furniture moving finished, and home made pasta cooked, we sat down to dinner at midnight. It was good, as was the dinner conversation.

I have indulged in a long and deep sleep, sleeping ten hours. Heaving 60 lb. bolts of fabric for four days and gratuitous cycling will do that to you.